Monday, June 17, 2013

American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention - Reflections

One week ago today I returned from the American Society of Dowsers annual convention in beautiful Vermont.  It has taken me a whole week to process and begin to digest all of my experiences from such an amazing gathering.   It was a wonderful opportunity for me to deepen my knowledge, particularly for water dowsing, and to connect with others who are using dowsing in Feng Shui and Space Clearing.

Wait a minute, you may ask, what is dowsing?  It is an ancient method of using tools to tap into our intuition to locate things or gain information not available in conventional ways.  Most people are familiar with dowsing as it relates to finding underground water often referred to as "Water Witching".

What does does dowsing have to do with Feng Shui you ask? Everything!  The earliest Feng Shui masters were employed to locate optimal sites for dwellings of the living and the dead.  Dwellings for the living need access to good drinking water but should not be located on negative earth energy lines - or what the ancient Chinese referred to as Dragon Lines.  You may not be able to see these energies but like the waves of energy that send a text to your cell phone, they do have an effect.  With public water supplies and a scarcity of land, particularly in urban and suburban areas, locating underground water or negative earth energies are no longer part of the usual home siting process.  These issues are however are of great importance to Feng Shui practitioners and locating them by dowsing is an integral part of the way I work.

The convention offered talks on an array of subjects but what was striking to me was that talks on Feng Shui and Space Clearing were filled to capacity and some beyond capacity.  One popular topic of discussion at the convention for both speakers and audience members was the prevalence man-made energies like EMF and Radar in our homes and their effect on us.  There seems to be a real hunger for this information - people want to know if their homes could be harming their health and more importantly what to do about it.

I am grateful that so many at the convention addressed these issues not by way of fear but from the view point that knowledge is power and once identified we can be instruments of change.

A beautifully decorated home rife with detrimental energies is like getting dressed for the party without taking a shower.  By identifying and correcting these energies you set a solid foundation for great Feng Shui and grace-filled design!  If you want your home evaluated either as part of a Feng Shui consultation or as a Space Clearing please contact me for more information.

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