Friday, July 19, 2013

Getting Back to Nature

It's vacation time.  This is the time of year we take advantage of the long, warm days and get away.

If you stop to think about it, most vacations involve a journey to our favorite places in nature; the beach, a lake, a mountain or forest.  At an intuitive level we all know that spending time reconnecting with nature is good for us body and soul.  Nothing de-stresses and soothes us faster than unplugging from electronics and putting our feet in the sand, our toes in the water and taking a breath of fresh air.

Feng Shui recognizes how important our connection to nature is.  In fact, the guiding principles that govern Feng Shui such as the balance of yin & yang and the 5 elements are all reflections of the way nature works.  Most important is the understanding that we as living beings are also a part of nature and to thrive we should have nature around us - especially in our indoor spaces.

This summer while you are on your travels be sure to bring the spirit of nature home with you and incorporate it into your "everyday" environment.  Take photos of your favorite natural locals, bring back a beautiful shell or stone.  When you find you can't get outside take a deep breath, connect to these little reminders and take a mini get away.

A little bit of nature everyday is good Feng Shui!