Sunday, April 22, 2012


According to the Chinese Five Element Astrology Calendar, February 4, 2012 commenced the year of the Water Dragon.  The Water Dragon is an auspicious symbol that portends a year of great changes.

The Water Dragon has already brought many changes to my life both personally and professionally.  On a personal level I have re-claimed my maiden name following my recent divorce.  I have also expanded professionally, completing my training as a Feng Shui practitioner.  I look forward to incorporating this ancient knowledge into both my life and work.

To reflect both of these changes, I have re-named my business Beth Grace Design and moved my website to a new url,  I have also started this blog as a forum to share design and Feng Shui topics with all of you.

I am excited to see what blessings the rest of this year has in store for me and I hope the water dragon brings you good fortune and prosperity too!

The gorgeous water dragon print shown above is by Diana Moll, and is available for purchase in her easy store: